It's a mid-fall day and you have been sitting in the tree stand or duck blind since four a.m.  If you are lucky…you get a glimpse.  Get on the trail with us and see how Purina can help improve your chances...and bring more excitement to your wildlife experiences!

Probably the most important consideration for someone who wants to manage the deer on their property is to give them a quality place to live. They need 3 basic things to survive and thrive: (1) Food; (2) Water and (3) Cover. If these three things are not readily available, the deer will not be attracted to the area or if one or more of these critical factors are either absent or in short supply they will go elsewhere in search of what they need. The weeds, shrubs, trees and grass in the habitat not only serve as hiding cover for the deer but since they both are ruminant herbivores (plant eating animals) these plants are their only food sources. Sometimes Mother Nature does not cooperate and supply all the right climatic conditions to produce all the food needed for optimum reproduction and antler growth.

Land managers and wildlife biologists have known for many years that nutrition is one of the most critical factors that affect not only the reproductive success of deer but also how large the antler grows. A buck can have the best genetics in the world but if he does not get optimum nutrition during the antler growing cycle he will not grow his best set of antlers.  This is why both antler growth and reproduction suffer during a drought or following a hard winter. This is the reason why many land managers have become very interested in supplying supplemental nutrition especially to their deer. They know that most years Mother Nature does not supply all the nutrition necessary for maximum productivity of the deer on their property.

A properly designed and implemented supplemental feeding program will make up the gaps in nutrition that often occur when habitat does not supply all the nutrients needed for healthy and productive deer, elk, game fish and game birds.

Purina started doing wildlife nutrition research over 50 years ago and we are committed to helping you manage the habitat and the wildlife on your property. Our AntlerMax deer and elk feeds and Game Bird Chow diets are regionally formulated so they meet the nutritional needs of the deer, elk  and game birds in your area, regardless of where you live.  Our multi-particle, extruded Game Fish Chow product has particles that will both sink and float...making it the perfect feed for all size fish in your pond.

See for yourself, our passion for animals...our commitment for ultimate nutrition…it's Purina, a difference tou can see.